803 Labs & Easy 105.9 are Partnering for an awesome giveaway!

We’ve partnered with Easy 105.9/Talk 94.5 to bring you an even bigger round two!

1st place prize- 1 16×20 photographic print of your choosing, 25 custom greeting cards perfect for the upcoming holiday season, and a set of 4 tickets to the Alabama Theater Christmas Show!

2nd place- 1 11×14 photographic print of your choosing and 10 custom greeting cards

3rd place- 1 8×10 photographic print and 10 custom postcards

Winners will be selected in a vote taken by the staff of 803 Labs, public voting is just for fun!

Check out the adorable winners from round one! If we could have chosen them all, we would have; voting was a difficult task!

Photo contest ist over